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Nature Star Acne Cream 50g Side Label
NatureMoon After Shave Cream 50g Side Label
NatureSun Eye Cream 30g Side Label
NatureSun Lifting Serum 40ml Label
CBT Nature Package Blueprint
Business Card Design 1
CBT Nature Logo
Business Card Design 2
CBT Nature Product Package Design
CBT Nature Secondary Logos
Product Top Label
Product Bottom Label



Logo - Business Cards - Product Labels - Billboard Ad

Come Back To Nature, LLC specializes in choosing and developing scientific combinations of organically grown fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs, and other natural botanicals long known for their beautifying and therapeutic properties with specifically synthesized ingredients.

CBT Nature emphasized the importance of making the packaging easy for customers to distinguish between products made for women, men and adolescents.

Secondary logos include NatureSun For Women, NatureMoon For Men, and NatureStar For Teens. NatureSun and NatureMoon reflect the combination of science and nature through geometric orbitals and planetary symbolism while NatureStar is simplistic to represent a teen’s focus on their inner “shine” and where it belongs in the world.

CBT Nature Billboard Design
CBT Nature Billboard Ad

Displayed on I-95 South in Connecticut

Billboard Ad

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