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TDW Two Wrasslin' Cats Table Menu
TDW Two Wrasslin' Cats Table Menu
TDW Two Wrasslin' Cats Takeout Menu



Table - Takeout - Chalkboard - Printed Signs

This one-of-a-kind coffee house & cafe is a hidden gem that can be found nestled in rural Haddam, CT. The owner, having a love for cats and living life to its fullest, left his 9-5 job to create a comfortable atmosphere where people can meet, eat, drink a coffee, and enjoy events highlighting local artists. The cafe walls are adorned with cat paintings, pictures as well as art from locals. Every surface has at least one cat figurine, toy, pillow or knick-knack. 


When creating the table menu, matching the colorful personality of the cafe and its owner was a priority. Playful, fun, and creative. The concept developed into imagining the cats from the logo got into some paint and "wrassled" all over the menu. 

The takeout menu was to be printed in black and white, so to add some cafe personality, I photographed some of the feline figurines found around the cafe and edited them onto the menu. 

TDW Two Wrasslin' Cats Takeout Menu
TDW Two Wrasslin' Cats Scat-venger Hunt Placemat

A scavenger hunt placemat based off the figurines on the takeout menu was requested to engage customers with the cafe. Eight cats surround instructions to find them around the cafe in order to win a prize!

TDW Two Wrasslin' Cats Chalkboard Cafe Menu
TDW Two Wrasslin' Cats Chalkboard Coffee Menu

Both cafe and coffee chalkboard menus were updated for price and legibility. Chalkboard prints were created to replace the hand-written papers hung around the cafe chalkboard.

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